Sunday, July 19, 2009


Sunday, originally uploaded by ajtruhan.

Outer Drive Tour Part 1

Starting at Livernois, Neal and I cruised Outer Drive West to its end at Jefferson in Ecorse. It took a couple hours. In Detroit it is mostly filled with older homes which are kept up well. In Dearborn is the River Rouge Park. The more interesting part of the drive is taking Jefferson back to downtown. These pictures are from those few miles.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Packard Plant Tour

While scouting for his movie, Bryan and I set our sights on the Packard Plant. The past two weekends at baseball, we've seen the smoke from its fires from across the city. After riding bikes around the perimeter, we found an opening and began to explore. After 2 hours, we made it through the first floor of one of the blocks.

The Bedroom

The Closet

30,000 shoes. Some burnt, some new. Piles. Holes in the floor. Holes in the ceiling. Bryan is climing.

The Office